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Why do you use rapeseed wax, and not parafin in your candles?

Parafin wax increases the CO2 level in your home and as research shows, gives out carcinogens in the air. 

In some countries they compare lighting these type of candles to second hand smoking and to the air on the freeway. Super polluted!

Soy and rapeseed wax does not increase the CO2 levels, it burns with zero petro soot. You are not burning petroleum fumes in your home when you are burning my candles. Another great quality is, they burn slower and at a lower temperature. To make sure my candles are as sustainable as possible, I have chosen rapeseed wax as the base, and another bonus about this wax is that it is produced in Europe.

How long does your candles burn & what is the proper way to burn them?

My candles burn from 60 hours + depending on how long they´re lit at a time. Do not burn for periods of more than 2-3 hours at a time.Trim wick frequently and before each lighting, as this is key for a long burn time.

And remember, when working with all natural ingredients & when everything is made by hand, there will be small varieties. This is not a fault, but a good sign that you have bought quality product, made by hand. You might see small "wholes" in the wax after you've burned them, this is simply how rapeseed & soy behave, and is how they look when they don't contain any additives, like parafin and palm wax.

Can I use the vessel after the candle has been used?

Yes, absolutely!

You can heat the leftover wax in a bowl of hot water ( be careful so you do not burn your hands!) Pour the remaining wax in the bin, not in your pipes! You can use it as a vase, holder for you make-up brushes,  more.

Please see our notebook for inspiration(coming soon).

Some scented candles gives me headaches, are your candles very strong?

My candles have great fragrance through. They will fill your room nicely, without being overpowering. I have reacted to candles earlier, but never these ones.

My candle doesn't burn all the way to the edges, and is tunneling?

This might happen if you do not let the candle burn long enough on the first few times of lighting it. You can remove the wax(when cold!) with some tissue, wash your hands and relight your candle. 

We want to sell your candles in our store, how do we proceed?

Thank you! Please check out my "Apply for wholesale" page, and fill out the form!